Privacy Management by Managed Privacy Canada

It's in the Name: We Manage Your Privacy

Why Does Privacy Need to be Managed?

Aside from being a legal requirement, privacy is important to individuals, be they customers or employees. Your brand and reputation depend on it. Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) helps to manage all aspects of privacy protection.

Privacy Compliance

Whether you require Virtual Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) support or a PIA, MPC employs certified professionals to facilitate compliance with legislation such as PIPEDA, PHIPA, MFIPPA, Bill 64 and Loi 25

Privacy Assessment

Ask for your Verify™ PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment) and you will also receive our professional attestation: the Statement of Trust, allowing you to publicly show evidence of privacy best practices without sharing any confidential findings.

Privacy Education

Thanks to bi-lingual Privacy Advisors, Verify™ clients receive year-round education, consulting and training from e-learning tools as well as live, certified privacy professionals who report to executives and effectively engage with employees.